During my studies of art conservation and restauration, some two decades ago, I found great inspiration from traditional craft and historical ornamentation. With admiration, I travelled to Viet Nam and spent a long time learning traditional lacquer techniques by local masters in Hanoi. Having learned, experimented and even struggled with this technique, I finally found my own direction through a process of ceaseless invention and reinvention in terms of materials, ideas and my own self. Traveling and living for a certain period of time in a specific location - mainly Germany, USA and Vietnam - helped me with a gently merge into local vibe, culture and habits. The turning point of my artworks is coming upon liquid metals that perfectly match my style and vision in stark contrast to my life experiences and adopted traditions. Treasuring the merit of Vietnamese traditional craftsmanship and West Coast life style, I managed to craft out the quintessence of its spirit mingled with my own to create my so called true art, a manifestation of the soul. Besides that adding 3D printing as method of practicing and experiencing technology in combination with craftsmanship really blows my mind since a couple of years towards new inspirations.

Things made by myself still have a strong touch of asian aura and peculiarly embellished with a western air. Possessing a limitless creativity, I effortlessly go back and forth between my restoration skills, Asian lacquer techniques and my own experimental ventures of testing, measuring and experiencing. Liquid metal such as brass, bronze, iron, copper, gold or silver in combination with wood, leaves, pearls, mother of pearls or shells, the ingredients for my creations coming from all walks of life may seem to be plain but unique and refreshing, just like the nature itself. A variety of objects, jewelry boxes, interiors, wall panels, mirror frames and artworks, each hand made and one of a kind, all come with a dearing message. 

A harvest moon, a milky way, classic pattern art, city maps and landscapes or even a kelp forest, all are inscribed in the language of traditional materials fusing with metals, a tongue that speaks beauty and vitality for me. The panel paintings I compose emit a smoggy and mysterious atmosphere of the tropics on a minimal disposition of modern insight. These western panoramic visions sophisticatedly inlaid with bamboo, eggshell or mother of pearl bear the weight of a living city or a shining moon sprouting out of the burning soil. I belief that magical combination gives a remarkably distinctive but familiar visual impression on any space, interior or decoration it is presented and leads the viewer into an emotion adventure of the artist’s mind.

As a professional conservator with mending and gilding techniques, I always well keep the natural beauty of everything I touch and garnish them with gold or silver, an experience and exploration into the inner self where the beauty comes from within. Let me take you on a journey through my world of art decoration and jewelry. 


Christiane Campioni

Christiane Campioni in action creating a fine art piece.
custom order hand made by Christiane Campioni.
Christiane Campioni's 3D printed jewelry collection of its own uniqueness.
a live chat and video about my full compendium in art and jewelry using liquid metal, the Vietnamese laquer technique and my personal skills of an art conservator.
Christiane Campioni in sensitive action creating unique pieces of art and jewelry using all sorts of techniques from her practice as art conservator.
mother of pearl inlay material
Liquid metal and the new Hanoi Map collection.
Christiane Campioni visiting the silver village in Vietnam.
Gingko leaf inlays
mother of pearl inlay material
byCampioni boutique Erfurt back the days 2010
the Gingko collection of mirror frames using Vietnamese black laquer, Gingko leaves and liquid metal.
Christiane Campioni in the wood craft village nearby Hanoi.
also laser cutting technology is used by Christiane Campioni to create unique art pieces of its own.
selection of finest asian silk as inlay material for one of Christiane Campioni's art pieces.
mother of pearl inlays
Christiane Campioni in the making process of Hanoi Map collection.

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one of Christiane's Vietnamese laquer experiences at the art school in Hanoi 1997
mother of pearl inlay material
interview and video production for a social media footprint in Christiane Campioni's boutique in Hanoi.
visiting handicraft villages in Vietnam for inspiration, materials and a chit chat with locals.
mother of pearl inlay material
Christiane Campioni in action using liquid metal and natural leaves as inlay.
Christiane Campioni in a craft village nearby Hanoi in finding inspirations.
the previous atelier of Christiane Campioni
Christiane Campioni in action creating a one square meter art piece as custom order.
Christiane Campioni in action creating a custom order

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