Hanoi Map, the liquid metal city map for your home, restaurant, office and as present

Hanoi Map, 40 x 60 cm, black framed made of metals mainly copper, zinc, brass on lacquer.
Smooth finishing is honed and polished as satin look.

HANOI MAP - panel paintings, Hanoi/Vietnam

Traveling Box as a momentum given to the current president of Germany

Treasure Box, 20 x 20 x 20cm

based on golden section proportion covered by iron, brass and zinc combined with wooden veneer as street map and mother of pearl inlays displaying famous landmarks from Hanoi and Berlin.

TRAVELING BOX - customised present for the President of Germany

3D laser cut and metal leaves as special rare collection of Hanoi Map

Distinguished art work combining laser cut technology with our Hanoi map, separating land from streets and setting apart from each other on different level within the frame behind glass. 

3D PAPER ART - creation with gold and silver leaves, cafe / restaurant, Hanoi

The tear drops in shape of little butterflies nowadays decorating the living room of our customer in Berlin, Germany.

A harmony of three ceramic panels embedding 3D surface pattern and mixed with my brass and mother of pearl butterfly inlays. Honed and polished finish. 

Enchanted BUTTERFLY - tryptic art work, Berlin/Germany

Liquid metal on glass as art piece in a bar in Ho Chi Minh City

A fore and back ground composition of plated gold leaves and iron as well zinc on glass that illustrates water and housing of Hanoi map welcomes the guests.
Honed and polished. 50 x 50 x 5cm

BANN Bar&Cuisine - Hanoi Map art decoration, HCMC/Vietnam

Somerset Xuan Dieu, Hanoi, Vietnam - the lobby decoraton provide byCampioni

My early master pieces of art panels created wood with copper, iron and brass combining eggshell and bamboo inlays decorate the serviced apartments & hotel lobby since 2018.  Honed and polished surface.

SOMERSET Westpoint - Harvest Moon lobby decoration, Hanoi/Vietnam

The URN - my most emotional art piece for a customer in Phoenix, Arizona, USA

My most emotional and intense work relates to this Urn made of five pieces. The outer shell based on the golden section and in shape of a lock to guard the inner two smaller cases for mementoes (black/silver) and the last remains in ash of a young boy (gold) who left earth way to early. Finally a green silk ribbon with the initial letters secure the gold case. R.I.P.

URN - custom work, Phoenix, AZ/USA

custom made decoraton for our customer in the presidential suite at InterContinental Davos

A room dividing walnut veneer wall is separating living and dining area in this lofty suite is hiding a fire place and a TV unit behind bi-folding door panels. For this decoration I created a harmony of local leafs embedded into brass and zinc.
While the brass stands for the beautiful fall season in this valley, the cold but high polished zinc is mirroring the rocky mountains.  The general earth toned and warm coloured atmosphere welcomes international guests.  

IHG DAVOS - art decoration, presidential suite, Davos/Switzerland

a collaborative work between Christiane Campion and fashion designers of Friske Luebke using the same fabric for dresses and art suitcases

The plaster wall tells a fading tale while leafs falling from trees. This exuberant  collaboration created a unique set of dresses, jewelry and suitable accessories for the lady in fall around a specific pattern. This patten in elliptic shape reappears again and again on fabric, garments, wood pieces and horn materials.

Jewelry cases: 20 x 20 x 20cm, copper, bronze and wood. Inside Italian silk, mirror and a bag to carry around the world. 

Friske&Lübke - art and fashion collaboration, Erfurt/Germany 

custom work for our customer in Germany - the forest.

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Custom order for the living room.

Wintery forest in abstract shape and use of wood veneer I found on my journeys through the local woods. 

Iron, zinc. 1sqm. Honed and polished surface.

Into The Woods - art decoration, Erfurt/Germany 

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