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Unity collection - every single ring, necklace a unique piece of art by Christiane Campioni

Left and right of the road path are covered by wooden bead making process, wooden square pieces with round holes inside piling up everywhere. It was such a wonderful surprise, fascinated from the shapes, the tactile pleasure to the hands, surrounded by the wild smell of wood, the repeat of circles and squares, remind us of Asian ancient concept of heaven and earth. Using the rough and tough broken wood as the ring base, which makes its own statement of Yang, the creator added epoxy as Yin to form a new whole, embellished with her signature gold or silver leaves and flakes (sometimes a mixture of both). With these glittering metals scattering on the ground or floating around inside the transparent raisin, this new unity has come to life.

UNITY collection

Gac collection - a very special and unique jewelry collection by Christiane Campioni

"Gấc" is the name of our Tet jewelry collection. Tet is the Lunar New Year in Vietnam and the time of the blooming peach branches and the red colored sticky rice. The orange "gac" fruit is the centerpiece of this jewelry collection. The gac fruits interior is filled with clusters of intensely red fleshy pulp and seeds. It is the seeds of "gac" with the red aril coating that gives the bright red color as well as the fragrant flavor for "xoi gac", the red sticky rice. Those beautiful unique shaped, dark brown seeds are used as material for earrings and necklaces. The seeds are partly plated with gold or silver leaf and look like dipped into liquid precious metal.

GAC collection

Corral collection - nature by its own. Remakes and revived by Christiane Campioni

Do you know the feeling sitting at a lonely beach enjoying mother nature and with a sudden splash the body is diving in pearl green blue water. Noises gone, just water, your snorkelling and sea nature around you. While diving over the ground you sadly found manifold relicts of a nearby coral reef. Humans impact visible.
The quick  idea was just pick up some of those relicts and create this collection in memories of those moments being there just alone with mother nature.

CORRAL collection

Sound of summer collection - one of the earliest jewelry collections shortly after arriving in Hanoi, Vietnam

Do you know the sound of summer in Hanoi? This little ‘crack’ above your head. Those ‘Phuong’ trees then are in flamboyant blossoms of red colour. A hot season where Hanoians are busy over weeks to catch beautiful selfies. Luckily friends of mine made a monthlong vacation trip to Hanoi and visiting me with their nice children. Conclusion after some cool drinks. Let’s do a photo shooting with my newest collection. A special vacation entertainment event for our visiting friends and lots of fun by the way.


SUMMER collection

Figurine ring collection uses little 3D printed figurines embedded into resin and an unique piece of wood

Collections such as the ‘Figurine’ just came along by accident while visiting a craft village. Watching and talking to the family members in those village is quiet interesting and inspirational.
A handy touch of using epoxy resin helped me embedding tiny figurines into imaginative ringscapes. Sometimes custom made or for special wedding purposes. 

FIGURINE collection

Uganda collection - Christiane Campioni's art collection using momentums from her African tour

There were a scorching sun, pods of seeds lying everywhere under the trees, soil burnt until red. Everything is enclosed in this simple collection of ornaments, a step into the land of Uganda. Like a native tongue speaking for itself, each item was made from the very natural materials gathered in Uganda, such as the feminine pods of the seeds from the jacaranda tree. Coated with 24 carat gold leaves, these plain items seem to be dipped into gold as they reflect the African golden sun, or the argent moon with alternate silver leaves. The necklace pendant even has two compelling sides, the “day” shines bright, the “sunset” sinks into the dark. These pieces, therefore, gives out a both primitive and edgy aura which blows a fresh breeze to your appearance be it natural or modern look. And to top it off, a gold/silver coated nylon string is a perfect completion for the whole ornament, a re-creation of the Equator as it embraces the tanned soil of Africa. Each piece in this collection is unique due to its peculiar materials as gifted by nature, an eternal summer that lights up your beauty.

UGANDA collection

fashion and jewelry by Kilomet109 and Christiane Campioni

Working with Thao from Kilomet 109 always ends up with a super creative endeavour and experience.

This time we combine one of her collections with my latest jewelry made of wood, resin and silver flakes.

Photoshooting at Kilomet 109, Hanoi / Vietnam 2019

fashion show in Ho Chi Minh City with Christiane Campioni

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Fashion show organised by Le Bich Ngoc, the designer and my unique jewelry of ‘sound of summer’ specially made for that night in Ho Chi Minh City.

Fashionshow / Jewelry, HCMC / Vietnam 2018

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